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What is the quarantine policy in Shanghai?

The policy depends on the domestic COVID-19 situation, but with the increasing vaccination rate and the decreasing toxicity, it is optimistic to have a face-to-face conference at the minimum quarantine cost. Currently, any passengers to China will be required to present a negative result of antigen, on top of green health code before check-in or boarding. Shanghai is still under the 14+7 mode that mandates a 14-day hotel quarantine, and a further 7-day health monitoring period (when people can go out but are required to avoid social gatherings and to report their health conditions regularly by WeChat). This is the worst situation. The BS2023 is highly possible to host offline, in light of many on-going international conferences in China. Please follow the PRC Embassy website for the updated policy, or check the special column COVID-19 for our backup plans.

How can I contribute to the student competition?

It could be in many forms. (1) Now the competition is still open for innovative projects involving simulation techniques and cooperation. We are looking for a traditional building performance simulation topic, or a project on big data modeling. There may be a Hackathon as well for developers in the industry. (2) Tutors at university are welcome to enroll the competition into their curriculum. (3) The competition has warmup workshops at the start, which will recruit students without a group to get a better enrollment. Check this page for our detailed plan: Student Competition.



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