Please check the following frequently asked questions for quick answers. If you have any doubts, please contact us without hesitation. We will replay to you as soon as possible.

What is the conference mode, in-person/virtual/hybrid?

The BS2023 will be in Hybrid mode. You may participate in person or via our conference platform virtually. We come to this decision considering your utmost convenience and any uncertainties of the COVID policy. Since China has lifted all travel restrictions and quarantines, BS2023 will focus on the experience of a physical meeting, while keeping online participants wired in. If it is difficult for you to travel, please keep in mind that we will ensure the publication of your accepted work and the seamless experience of a hybrid BS2023. You may flexibly switch your registration type (in-person/virtual) before August 25, 2023.

How can I get an official invitation letter?

To require an invitation letter to support your visa application, administrative or financial process, please contact with your specific needs. It is more convenient to apply for a tourist visa (visa-L) for your trip to China, which does not need the invitation letter but only the proof of your itinerary (hotel bookings, plane tickets).

Where can I get the hotel reservation proof?

After your full payment is confirmed (usually in 5 days), you may retrieve your hotel reservation by your booking email (or ConfTool account email) on our website. Contact if there is any problem or further requirements.

I am a reviewer for BS2023. How can my contribution be acknowledged?

Thanks for your contribution to BS2023! All reviewers are acknowledged on the committee page. Also, you can retrieve your reviewer certificate on the reviewer page.

I forgot to append the transfer note during the payment. What should I do?

For payment via bank transfers or Alipay, it takes a few days for us to confirm your payment manually, and longer if there is no payment reference attached. Please send the receipt, transaction number, payment screenshots, or other confirmations via if your registration/reservation status has been idle for too long.

What is the quarantine policy in Shanghai?

China has lifted all travel restrictions and quarantines since January 8th. Please refer to Visa Policy page or the PRC Embassy website for the updated information.



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