Sept. 4th


Ventilation rate and quantity and grade of cooling load in non-uniform indoor environment
Prof. Xianting Li | Tsinghua University, China
Advances in Research on Urban Microclimate and Impacts on Built Environment
Dr. Leon Wang | Concordia University, Canada
Exploring AI Driven Performance Simulation from Architectural Design to Real Operation
Prof. Borong Lin | Tsinghua University, China
Multi-scale Multi-domain Modeling with Modelica: From Sustainable Buildings to Smart Cities
Prof. Wangda Zuo | Pennsylvania State University, USA

Sept. 5th


Contemplating the challenges and opportunities in BPS in a post COVID and climate crisis era
Prof. Khee Poh Lam | National University of Singapore, Singapore
Building Simulation for Carbon Management
Prof. Yoshiyuki Shimoda | Osaka University, Japan
Feasibility assessment of net zero-energy transformation of building stock using integrated synthetic population, building stock, and power distribution network framework
Prof. Yohei Yamaguchi | Osaka University, Japan
Lessons and challenges learned from ML applications for real-life cases
Prof. Cheol-Soo Park | Seoul National University, South Korea
Sept. 5th


Optimization and energy saving of high-temperature data centers and high-tech cleanroom air-conditioning systems
Prof. Shengwei Wang | Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China
The Role of Simulation in Improving Indoor Air Quality: From Laboratory to the Field
Prof. Xudong Yang | Tsinghua University, China
Regulations of solar and LWIR for windows: material, simulation and application
Prof. Gang Tan | Zhejiang University, China

Sept. 6th


Rethinking the Method of Building Indoor Environment for Carbon Neutralization
Prof. Yingxin Zhu | Tsinghua University
From Machine Learning to Quantum Computing: Future Smart Building Control and Optimization
Dr. Bing Dong | Syracuse University, USA
Simulation of outdoor thermal and wind environment with vegetation
Prof. Naiping Gao | Tongji University, China
Detailed Simulation vs Standardized Methods in Energy Performance Assessment of Buildings in a Legal Context
Prof. Vincenzo Corrado | Politecnico di Torino, Italy
Bridging the energy performance gap: progress and challenges
Prof. Pieter de Wilde | University of Strathclyde, UK
A head-mounted air supply and its air movement acceptability
Prof. Jun Gao | Tongji University, China
Personalized radiant cooling technology: principle, development and application
Prof. Gongsheng Huang | City University of Hong Kong
Beyond Accuracy: Advancing the Calibration of Building Energy Models
Dr. Adrian Chong | National University of Singapore, Singapore