Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower

TICKET $30 GROUP SIZE 20 2 hours

Shanghai Tower stands in the heart of the Lujiazui Financial Zone in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area. The majestic high-rise boasts 127 floors above the ground and 5 floors below ground level. Of the 578,000 m2 total construction space, 410,000 m2 rise above the ground, with 168,000 m2 built underground. Shanghai Tower is now the tallest building in China, and the second tallest in the world.

  • Visit energy centers for high layers and low layers
  • Take the world's fastest elevator and reach a height of 546 meters in 55 seconds
  • Have a bird's eye view of the beautiful scenery of the city

Disney Resort Energy Center

TICKET $20 GROUP SIZE 20 2 hours

Shanghai Disney Resort is the largest Disney theme park in Asia, with the world's largest Disney castle, unique island themed park, and the longest Disney float parade route. Shanghai Disneyland Energy Center adopts distributed energy system, through the efficient cascade utilization of natural gas, this project not only meets all energy needs of Shanghai Disneyland Resort but also saves 21,883 tons of standard coal per year and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 75,541 tons.

  • Visit the first low-carbon distributed energy system adopted in Disneyland worldwide
Disney Energy Center
Tongji Student Center

Student Center of Tongji University

TICKET $15 GROUP SIZE 50 2.5 hours

The Student Center of Tongji University is designed by renowned Chinese architect Prof. Linxue Li, and is the subject of the BS2023 Student Competition. The building takes the thermodynamic ecological strategy, focuses on efficient space utilization, and uses life cycle energy conservation technologies. It utilizes the windward effect of high-rise buildings to promote natural ventilation by guiding southeast winds through the building during summer and transition seasons.

  • Discuss the design philosophies with the local design team
  • Appreciate architectural design combining thermodynamics and building aesthetics
  • Visit the beautiful campus of Tongji University

Shanghai City Walk

TICKET $40 GROUP SIZE 50 2 hours

In the past 200 years, Shanghai has experienced a booming development from a fishing village to the financial center of China. The colonial history left the city with copious architectural styles, making it a diverse yet contrasting architectural heritage. In Shanghai, there is a road called Shanxi North Road, which hides 21 historical relics and buildings in the length of 1000m. Although most buildings do not allow internal visits, the strong old-Shanghai atmosphere on the street is enough to make your city walk full of fun.

Moller Villa
Toy's House
Prada Rong Zhai
Cosmopolitan Apartments
Ping'an Building
Shanghai University Relic
Seymour House
Song's House
Grace Church
Former Residence of Chongzhi Xu
Former Residence of HoTung
No.3 Girl's Middle School
Taiping Garden
Ohel Rachel Synagogue
Datong Lane
Zizai Lane
  • Appreciate architecture design of different styles
  • An immersive experience of Shanghai history and lifestyle
  • With professionals in historical building conservation